About Susan Wallace, The Teaching Therapist

20+ Years
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48,000 + Hypnosis
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Fully Qualified Teaching Therapist

Creator of Emotion and Soma Focused Hypnotherapy

Creator of Neuro Affective

12 Hypnotherapy

Author of 7
Hypnotherapy Books

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Susan Wallace Biography

Susan Wallace is Internationally known as The Teaching Therapist. Her practical style of teaching hypnotherapy has helped hundreds of people become fully qualified and fully accredited in hypnotherapy. Susan is leading the way in the development of a more emotion and attachment focused approach in hypnotherapy. Her flagship hypnotherapy training programme, the Diploma in Emotion, Soma and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy incorporates the latest developments in affective neuroscience and attachment psychology making it the most modern and up-to-date hypnotherapy training programme available.

Susan started her career in London working as an apprentice with Robert Farago, the UK's top hypnotherapist in the 1990s. Back then Paul McKenna was still working as a stage hypnotist - and that's a long time ago! She worked with London Zoo on the Friendly Spider Programme and was part of a number of other highly regarded group hypnotherapy programmes run throughout the U.k.

She spent 15 years in private practice in London and Dublin helping high net worth individuals, artists, actors and extraordinary indviduals achieve their personal and professional goals.

Susan has completed a wide variety of advanced psychotherapy and hypnotherapy training courses over the years and has learnt from some of the best therapy trainers in the world including Michael Yapko, Sue Johnson, Robert Elliott, Tony Robbins, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair, Richard Bandler, Marie Mongan, Gerry Kein, Wayne Dwyer, Harv T Eker, Stephen Brooks, Paul McKenna and many more.

In 2023, Susan launched her flagship programme, Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis course. in two parts. In Part One, Participants learn the skills required to become Emotion and Soma Focused Hypnotherapists. In Part Two, participants build the skills to Heal Trauma Through Hypnosis using Pierre Janet's phased approach to trauma and PTSD. This bottom up approach relied heavily on the use of hypnosis and is the bedrock for most trauma psychotherapy programmes . Susan Healing Trauma Through Hypnosis course is the only hypnotherapy course that teaches emotion and soma focused hypnotherapy and offers a truly bottom up methodology for dealing with the legacy of body memories left by trauma.

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Susan Wallace's Mission Statement

Susan Wallace's mission statement is simple:  to help coaches, hypnotherapists and psychotherapists 'be the best, have the best and give your best'.  Susan's business model is built on a 'grow by giving' philosophy. She produces short video MasterClasses to educate and raise the standards and understanding of modern hypnotherapy and coaching.  Her free Online Therapy School has 18,800 members worldwide.

EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION:  Susan delivers a top-tier training experience that exceeds industry standards.
EMPOWERMENT AND LEADERSHIP:  Susan equips students with confidence and competence to develop their leadership capabilities.
INNOVATION:  Susan continually updates the curriculum to reflect the latest developments in neuroscience and psychology,.
COMMUNITY:  Susan mentors a strong community of students and graduates who support and learn from each other. 
GROW BY GIVING:  Susan's Grow By Giving philosophy ensures every email has content that is relevant and beneficial on a personal and professional level.

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Susan's Minimum Disruption Model of Learning and Integration

Susan runs her courses using a minimum disruption model. In other words, when you learn with Susan she will minimise the impact learning therapy will have on other areas of your life. You’ll be able to graduate as a fully accredited hypnotherapist even if you are short on time, money and experience.

Susan’s training is highly practical. Her in-person and online classrooms consist of the perfect ratio of short lectures, practical demonstrations and practice sessions to ensure you have the felt experience of delivering hypnotherapy and being hypnotised.  Susan has an online hub with over 400 + hours of lectures, demonstrations and research materials to deepen your understanding.   Every lesson comes complete with implementation instructions so you get it done in the moment – no more to-do lists to get your therapy practice up and running.

Susan's teaching approach has given her the name The Teaching Therapist.  It means that you’ll be given all the support and assistance to become a well-rounded, very adaptable therapist.   So many doors will open to you to as you learn how to grow a sustainable, successful and highly rewarding career in coaching and hypnotherapy.